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Talent Strategy
    Talents to achieve the strategic objectives of the Group¡¯s cornerstone are the driving force for sustainable development of enterprises. The Group's personnel training with scientific methods, an effective incentive mechanism to level the playing field, a broad development space for recruit good talent, so that every employee in our collective self-worth is fully reflected, to achieve the accordance of their personal career plan and growth goal of enterprise, and growth together with our staff.
Employment Principles
    Suitable, respectable, and people-oriented
Talent Concept
    The group praised the entrepreneurial spirit of "hard work ahead, realistic and innovative, fast and efficient, struggle for higher class", focus on character and ability of employees, requiring employees to have the professionalism , development ability, strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, and sense of modern management capabilities, promoting team spirit. The group provide good working environment and development platform by scientific and standardized management, with the talent concept of ¡° hire talent by virtue, employee talent by ability, training talent by requirement, remain talent by credit¡±, and growing together with our employees.
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