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    The company is devoting to the quality control. And the quality is acceptable by the industry. Meanwhile, we also trying our best effort to meet the requirement of environmental protection.
    Our quality control system include following processes.
    Material purchasing
    The production department will send the monthly schedule of raw material to the purchase department by the former month. purchasers will select the supplier and raw material according to the production demand and inventory policy. In this process, purchasers should take into account many factors, include credit of supplier, quality of material, feedback from production department, but not only the price from bid.
    Inventory control
     Our production and inventory plans were made based on the sales volume. Our sales and marketing team made the production plan according to the contract from customers, which was made based on our actual capacity. Then the production department controls the inventory accordingly with this production plan.
    Quality Control
     The Group's focus on the quality of manufacturing processes. To closely monitor the manufacturing process, we established the quality control department. In the detection, we use the instruments as spectrograph and atomic absorption spectrometer to analyze the chemical elements of our products. To ensure product quality, we also prepared a manual on standards of production procedures and documents, and provide our employees to comply with the standard production process. To meet customer's high quality standards, we all stages of the manufacturing process (including incoming, processing and shipping) to implement quality assurance procedures. In addition, training courses of quality control was set up regular to improve quality control. We have focused on consciousness of technology and quality control. Thanks to our comprehensive and stringent quality control system, we didní»t face any return of goods in the past, and gained the certification of ISO9001, in April 2010.
    R & D
    We focus on reducing electricity consumption in the production, optimizing production technology and improve product quality during R&D process. To increase our production capacity, we also hired staff (including engineers) and purchased additional advanced machinery and equipment.
    Product shipments
    The shipment of most products was arranged by us. We have a good relationship with third-party logistics to ship our products to our customers.
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