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      China Hongqiao Group Limited (“China Hongqiao” or the “Group”; Stock code: 1378) is a leading aluminum product manufacturer in China. Located in Shandong Province of China, the Group is mainly engaged in the production and sales of molten aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy ingots, aluminum alloy casting-rolling products and aluminum busbars. With large scale operations, advanced technology, competitive cost struct...  
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·President of the Republic of Guinea Mr. Alpha...... 2018-01-24
·Executive Director and CEO of the Group - Mr....... 2018-01-24
·2017 (2nd) The International Aluminum Deep-pr...... 2017-12-06
·Weiqiao Aluminum and Electricity Co. , Ltd. a...... 2017-12-06
·China Hongqiao Group Named“The Most Competiti...... 2017-10-16
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Voluntary Announcement - Increase In Shareholding By The Controlling Shareholder 2018/10/13
Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities for the month ended 3...... 2018/10/03
Next Day Disclosure Return 2018/09/25
Interim Report 2018 2018/09/19
Next Day Disclosure Return 2018/09/18
Next Day Disclosure Return 2018/09/17
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